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Refreshments and drinks for event PAPER- College and Wide-ruled Folders with Prongs Three ring binders Pencils Dividers Notebooks ...


  1. Refreshments and drinks for event
  2. PAPER- College and Wide-ruled
  3. Folders with Prongs
  4. Three ring binders
  5. Pencils
  6. Dividers
  7. Notebooks
  8. Hand sanitizer
  9. Kleenex
  10. Pencil pouches and boxes
  11. Ear buds
  12. Flash drives
  13. Composition notebooks
  14. Notebooks
  15. zip-lock bags- Regular and gallon sized
Most school supply list require students to purchase multiples of the same items. Therefore, it takes a lot of supplies to fill up 96 backpacks. In addition to purchasing Backpacks and filling them with supplies, there are venue cost and food/drink cost (for the event).  Lastly, I'd like to help as many kids as possible so I will purchase more backpacks if I receive enough donations to purchase them and fill them.

Papa Johns and Slyce Kitchen is providing the majority of the pizza for the event but I will still need drinks and refreshments like cookies.

My flyer, domain name and blog design were provided by my mother who is helping me with my project. Donation funds weren't used for it.

If you're able to help with anything. Email me at and I can meet you if you're local. Also, you can make a donation through GoFundMe. Click here